Magic Word Recovery

Download Magic Word Recovery Tool

This tool delivers everything available in Magic Office Recovery except support for spreadsheet formats. If you only need to recover Word documents produced by Microsoft Word or OpenOffice, this tool offers a great opportunity to save.

Languages: English, اللغة العربية, 中文, Deutsch, Español, Français, Italiano, 日本語, Nederlands, Polski, Русский, Українська

Version: 4.7

Size: 17.5 Mb 23.9 Mb

This is the default option. Download this file and run the installer from your PC in order to have the program automatically installed. The installer will create Start menu shortcuts and desktop icons for your convenience. The portable version can be launched immediately after downloading and unpacking the archive – no installation required. If you’re fixing a hard drive, unpack the portable version onto a flash memory drive and run it from there.

Installing Our Software

In order to maximize your chances for successful recovery, it is essential to install our products on a disk, partition or storage media other than that containing the files you’re about to recovery. Recovering a hard disk? Install it to a USB flash drive. Fixing a memory card? Install to a hard drive. It’s that easy.

Our Technologies

Our tools are using the latest advances in data recovery, employing a range of sophisticated algorithms to increase chances of successful recovery. Our algorithms will analyze raw data coming from the disk or memory card in order to reliably detect, locate, extract and recover files from even badly damaged media.

Try It Free

All cases of data loss are unique. Some are easier than others, and some are regretfully unsolvable. How can you make sure that our tools will work in your case? We let you try our tools for free to make you confident that our tools are among the best on the market. The free evaluation versions are fully functional.

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