Terms of Use

This document defines the Terms and Conditions of using East Imperial Soft software,
text, graphics and other copyrighted material available from East Imperial Soft.

End-User License Agreement

Software and accompanying copyrighted materials available from this East Imperial Soft site are the property of East Imperial Soft. The software, texts, graphics and any other materials available on this Web site are copyrighted by East Imperial Soft and are governed by the terms of the applicable license agreement you do not agree to any of these terms, you are not authorized to use the software.

Download and Distribution

The software and other copyrighted materials available on this Web site are protected by international intellectual property laws and treaty provisions. You may not distribute the software available from this Web site unless otherwise specified in this agreement.

Our Permission

You may allowed to distribute our software if you obtain an advance written permission from East Imperial Soft.

East Imperial Soft offers its products in two editions: the free demo edition as well as the full licensed edition. These editions are governed by different licensing and distribution terms.

Demo Version

We allow limited redistribution of the free demo version as governed by the terms below. You may only redistribute our software only as original installation files. Any modification of the installation files including disassembly, repackaging or bundling within an installer is explicitly prohibited.

The demo version is licensed for personal, non-profit, non-commercial use only. You may download and install the demo versions of our software on any number of computers free of charge and without our advance permission.

You are prohibited to charge or solicit payments for the free demo version or otherwise profit from re-distributing our software. Exceptions to this rule include advertisement-supported Web sites such as blogs or software download archives. You are also allowed to charge for physical media and collect delivery charges if our software is distributed on a CD, DVD, Blu-Ray or other physical media.

Licensed Software

You are only allowed to use one (1) licensed copy of our software at any time. You are allowed to make one (1) backup copy of your licensed software for the sole purpose of data backup. You are explicitly not allowed to distribute, share or otherwise make available of your personal registration key, unlock code or other licensing information unlocking the full features of our software. If we find you in violation of these terms, we reserve the right to revoke your license to full version of our software. If we revoke your license, you will be unable to save recovered files with our software.

Commercial License

East Imperial Soft offers different types of licenses. The Home license allows non-commercial use at homes or in small offices. The Office license allows using our software in corporate environments, and allows recovering information from storage media that belongs to employees of the organization who licensed our software; however, the Office license does not allow operating a data recovery service to third parties even on non-profit basis. The Commercial license allows providing data recovery services to third parties.

Warranty Disclaimer

Our software is provided AS IS, with no warranties expressed or implied. We explicitly disclaim any warranty of merchantability or fit-for-purpose. By purchasing our software, you agree to use it at your own risk.

Limitation of Liability

East Imperial Soft shall not be held liable for any kind of damage including but not limited all types of direct, indirect, accidental, special or punitive damage including, without limitation, any damage arising from loss of business, lost profits, loss of data, loss of business opportunity, loss or damage or property and any other form of material damage, resulting from the use, misuse or impossibility to use our software, even if East Imperial Soft was informed about a possibility of such damage in advance.

In any case, the liability of East Imperial Soft in respect to any provision of this agreement shall be limited by the original purchase price of our software.

Copyright Notice

All software, texts, images and other content on this Web site are the copyrighted property of East Imperial Soft and are protected by the copyright laws.

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