The Data Recovery

East Imperial Soft delivers a wide range of data recovery solutions to home, corporate and professional customers throughout the globe. Maintaining its very own research and development facility, East Imperial Soft implements innovations sooner than competitors. By ordering from us, customers receive thoroughly designed and meticulously maintained products accompanied by top notch customer service.

East Imperial Soft Company

Our company works to solve the present-day needs of our customers by providing the quality products and support services.


Founded in 2002, East Imperial Soft is a software company dedicated to the development of various data recovery products for Microsoft Windows.

We are proud to make use of our research abilities, technical skills and expertise in data recovery to serve our customers. Our research and development facility employs a team of dedicated professionals who design, develop and distribute top-quality software products. Our customer support team provides customers with supreme service.

Reselling Our Products

We welcome all distributors. Resellers qualify for a 30% commission on all referrals.

If you are interested in reselling, promoting or distributing our products, sign up as an affiliate with our affiliate program.

Need more information about becoming or working as an affiliate? Just contact us, and we’ll be happy to provide you with all the details.

Contacting Us

701 Brickell Avenue,
Miami, Florida,

PO Box 025250 #201
Miami, FL

USA/Canada (Toll Free)
+1 (888) 225-20-40

Italy (GMT+01:00)
+39 (069) 480-14-44

Russia (GMT+04:00)
+7 (499) 403-14-84

Ukraine (GMT+03:00)
+38 (095) 554-84-44

24/7 Customer Support

Our customer care specialists are available around the clock to handle all requests immediately. You’re welcome to contact us by submitting an online form, sending us an email or simply calling.

Absolute Safety

We know how to treat damaged disks and how to work with corrupted information to ensure maximum integrity and recoverability. All access to storage media being recovered is performed in strict read-only mode.

Years of Experience

Our experience helps us solve complex issues and handle severe cases. We know how to design tools that treat damaged disks and handle corrupted information ensuring maximum data integrity and recoverability.

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