Magic Word Recovery

Restores files from deleted and formatted drives

The software restores data from any type of carrier including existing, unavailable, corrupted, deleted, and formatted for a new file system and so on.

The tool scans the entire surface of the hard disk or reads the full content of a solid-state drive in order to reliably detect, locate and read the content of a deleted partition. If the disk has been formatted, the tool can read raw sectors from the disk in an attempt to detect the beginning of multiple known file types.

Recovers documents from damaged disks

Recovers documents
from damaged disks

Magic Word Recovery shares its data recovery engine with Magic’s top of the line tool. This highly sophisticated engine enables surefooted recovery even if the documents are located on a damaged or unreadable disk.

Restores data lost after a virus attack

Restores data
lost after a virus attack

Information can be lost for many reasons. Files could be removed, if your system was attacked by a virus. Some programs also can remove erroneously files. You can restore them, using Magic Word Recovery.

Restores files removed without use of a Recycle Bin

Recovers files
deleted without Recycle Bin

Many programs at removal of a file from a disk do not use a Recycle Bin. Even considering, that these files are not present, you can find them on a disk and restore. Also you can restore files removed from a Recycle Bin.

Thumbnail gallery

Thumbnail gallery signifies logical evolution of pre-recovery preview. Recoverable documents are displayed as thumbnail-sized images, making it easy to browse through the files and discover exactly the document that you were to recover. Thumbnail view allow easily navigating through multiple files. The available sorting and filtering options allow quickly displaying files matching specific criteria – like those that were last modified during the last day.

Thumbnail Gallery

100% recovery rate with thorough integrity checks

Unlike competing tools, Magic Word Recovery validates every document it’s about to recover with a thorough integrity check. This means that only those files that are actually 100% recoverable end up getting listed in the thumbnail gallery. This automated integrity check makes for uncluttered recovery experience. Instead of seeing remnants of hundreds of broken documents, you will only see a few – but those few are 100% recoverable.

Function of preliminary viewing

Function of preliminary viewing

You can view any recoverable document in full size by simply clicking on its icon in the thumbnail gallery. The built-in preview is fully functional, and displays the document preserving the original formatting including fonts, colors, shapes and embedded objects. The preview does not have any external dependencies, and does not require Microsoft Office to preview documents. The preview makes it easy to pick the latest version of a document from multiple saved copies.

Step by step wizard

Step by step wizard

A fully guided, step by step wizard is available to assist you with the recovery process, guiding you through the entire process to ensure safe recovery.

Quickly undeletes documents

Quickly undeletes documents

Quick Recovery mode undeletes documents removed from the Recycle Bin, erased with a third-party application or deleted with Shift + Del.

A variety of saving options

A variety of saving options

Recovered files can now be saved not only to hard and removable disks, but burned to CDs and DVDs, and can also be uploaded to an FTP server.

Simplicity of use

With all the powerful features under the hood, Magic Word Recovery is designed to be used safely by non-pros.

The tool offers an easy way of fixing common issues and repairing serious problems. Thanks to it the product is very simple in work and understandable for any user – both skilled, and for the beginner. A fully guided, step-by-step wizard will assist you in fixing all types of damage from recovering individual files to refurbishing broken partitions.

Built for Microsoft Windows

We care about your experience using our products. That’s why we build our data recovery tools to meet or exceed the strict compatibility and usability guidelines imposed for programs running in Microsoft Windows. Our tools make extensive use of step by step wizards, and are extremely easy to use even by non-professionals and complete computer novices. Magic Word Recovery features familiar usage experience and mimics look and feel of Windows Explorer.

Built for Microsoft Windows
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