Magic Browser Recovery

Analysis Results

The analysis results window is divided graphically into several parts.

On the left, there are navigation buttons:

If there is no information found in a certain section, the section will not be displayed.

In the right upper area, you can find main buttons:

  • Find – search for data in the selected section.
  • Info panel – show/hide the info panel in the right part of the window.
  • Export – saving the received data.
  • User – change user.
  • Browser – change browser.
  • Options – access to advanced options.
  • Registration – register the program.

In the center of the program window, there is a panel containing basic information that changes depending on which section is selected.

In most sections, information can be sorted by clicking on a certain column or by applying a filter. The filter panel can be found in the upper part of the window. To apply additional filters, click on “Add filter” in the panel and select an item in the menu that appears. You can cancel selected filters by clicking on “Clear filter” button in the left part of the panel.

In the right part of the window, there is a property bar of the selected element.

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