Magic Excel Recovery


To view properties of any of the disks or files, right click the required one and select “Properties” from the pop-up menu.

Using Magic Excel Recovery: Physical Disk Properties

In the properties for a physical disk you can change the number of sectors and number of bytes in a sector, while in the properties for a volume you can change the first disk sector and other parameters. If you analyze the selected disk after applying changes, the analysis will take the changes you made into account.

Using Magic Excel Recovery: Logical disk properties

To undo the changes you have made in the properties for the selected item, click “Reset” and apply changes by clicking “OK”.

In a file’s properties you will be able to see the type, location directory and size of the file, as well as its date and attributes.

Using Magic Excel Recovery: File properties

When properties of files or folders in the NTFS system are displayed, you can look at alternate data streams, as well as system attributes of MFT records. To do this, go to the “Data streams” tab in the properties window. Select the required attribute in the upper section of the tab and you can look at or save its contents in the lower section.

Using Magic Excel Recovery: Alternate Data Streams

To view your operation system’s properties, open properties for any disk and select the “System” tab.

Using Magic Excel Recovery: Operating System Properties
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