Magic Mac Recovery

About the Program

Magic Mac Recovery

Accidentally formatted your hard drive? Deleted or modified its file system? Your system says that partition is corrupted and needs formatting? Simply removed files or folders? Don’t get upset! Magic Mac Recovery helps you restore corrupted drives and files fast and easy!

Magic Mac Recovery from East Imperial Soft is a tool to work with existing partitions as well as corrupted, deleted and unavailable drives.

The software helps you recover lost files as well as restore drive’s structure including file and folder names, their location and so on. The product is compatible with any APFS, HFS+, FAT and exFAT file systems and with any Windows versions including Windows 10.

The tool uses a sophisticated algorithm to perform analysis of selected drives, search for partitions ever existed on it and restore any files and folders that have not yet been rewritten with new information. These files could have been lost during formatting, system failure, recycle bin clean-up, due to a virus attack or direct removal of files. The software restores all types of files including images, documents, music, video, databases, compressed archives, executable files and other file types.

Sometimes when a hard drive was not properly used or after a simple failure the system can not display its content and requires formatting to continue working with a drive or simply does not find it. Magic Mac Recovery helps you recover any types of drives and files corrupted or lost in any circumstances.

In addition to hard disks, the program supports any types of data carriers (USB-disks, mp3-players, digital chambers, cameras, flash-cards, memory cards of mobile phones etc.). The built in preliminary viewing allows you to look through file contents before its restoration.

The program interface is simple and similar to standard Windows Explorer. Thanks to it the product is very simple in work and understandable for any user – both skilled, and for the beginner.

If you are looking for recently deleted files you do not need to wait for the software to analyze the whole drive. You can use the “Fast scan” option that scans your drive in a matter of seconds.

The product lets you save restored files on a hard drive or any portable drive as well as archive them to a ZIP file or upload files to the FTP server. The tool has an easy-to-use wizard to guide you through the whole process starting from selecting the drive for analysis to saving the removed files.

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