Magic Mac Recovery

Program Features

Restores corrupted and unavailable partitions.

The program restores the logical structure of a drive even if a file table is missing or highly corrupted.

Restores files from deleted and formatted drives.

The software restores data from any type of carrier including existing, unavailable, corrupted, deleted, and formatted for a new file system and so on. The tool helps you find partitions that have ever existed on a particular carrier and helps you restore information on them.

Restores any types of files.

The product restores absolutely any types of files including documents, images. Music, video, databases, compressed archives, executable files and so on…

Restores information from any kind of a carrier.

The program supports any kind of information carrier including hard drives, USB-drives, mp3 players, digital photo cameras, flash cards, memory cards and so on.

Restores files removed without use of a Recycle Bin (“Shift” + “Del”).

Many programs at removal of a file from a disk do not use a Recycle Bin. Even considering, that these files are not present, you can find them on a disk and restore. Also you can restore files removed from a Recycle Bin.

Created for MS Windows.

Operation systems Microsoft Windows 10 / 8 / 7 / Vista / XP / 2008 Server / 2003 / 2000 / NT are supported.

Instant analysis.

The program has a “Fast scan” feature that searches for deleted files on existing carriers in a matter of seconds.

Restores data lost after a virus attack or because of program errors.

Files could be removed, if your system was attacked by a virus. Some programs also can remove erroneously files. You can restore them, using Magic Mac Recovery.

Search files based on content.

Built-in feature “Content-aware analysis” helps you find files with names rewritten several times. To put it simply you can find and restore files deleted several months ago.

File restore wizard.

Easy-to-use wizard will guide you through the whole process of restoration of files starting with selecting a drive to saving deleted files.

Standard Windows Explorer interface.

You can look through disk contents as in standard Windows Explorer using Magic Mac Recovery. Distinction is only that here you can see deleted files in addition to existing files and folders. Deleted files and folders are designated by a special red dagger. It helps you find and restore easily necessary data.

Save Wizard.

Recovered files can now be saved not only to hard and removable disks, but compressed to ZIP archives, and recovered data can also be uploaded to an FTP server.

Function of preliminary viewing.

The built-in preview function allows viewing the contents of a file before it is recovered.

Working with drive images.

The program lets you create an image of a logical partition or a whole physical drive. This enables you to work with a copy of data on a carrier to minimize the risk of loosing data due to inappropriate user actions.

Search option.

An expanded option of search allows you to search files and folders on a mask, specifying a part of a name or a full name of a file. Also you can search by date, size and many other parameters.

Built-in HEX-editor.

The software includes a HEX-editor to view file contents as well as data stored on logical partitions or physical drives. This powerful tool helps you locate files on a carrier and understand the structure of a physical drive. If you chose to view a logical drive you can display its bootable space, file table and so on.

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