Magic Word Recovery

About the Program

Magic Word Recovery

Lost a number of Office documents after a system crash? Formatted a disk or USB drive with something important on them, or simply deleted a bunch of documents and want to get them back? Magic Word Recovery will help you recover documents that go missing from all types of storage media.

Magic Word Recovery is designed specifically for making the recovery safe, easy and reliable. The tool will use every trick known to discover the missing Microsoft Word, Open Office, and RTF documents stored on your computer even if the disk they’ve been kept on is formatted, repartitioned or plain inaccessible.

Magic Word Recovery is not just another file recovery tool restricting itself to office stuff. Instead, it comes equipped with algorithms that can scan and validate recoverable documents, only adding a document to the list of recoverable files if the document is undamaged and not corrupted. The documents are conveniently displayed in the form of thumbnail-sized previews, allowing you to quickly pick ones you’d like to recover.

The tool employs the highly acclaimed data recovery algorithms used in Magic Partition Recovery, making every step to discover information about the whereabouts of your documents including full disk search with content-aware analysis. Content-aware analysis attempts to locate documents by reading the entire disk surface looking for characteristic signatures of the files even if no file system is available. Content-aware analysis can effectively recover documents from formatted, corrupted and repartitioned disks, memory cards and USB pen drives.

Magic Word Recovery comes with full pre-recovery preview and a guarantee that viewable files can in fact be recovered. The tool relies solely on built-in processing, and does not require Microsoft Office applications to be installed for previewing or recovering documents.

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