Returns and Refunds Policy

Thank you for shopping at East Imperial Soft. All sales of digital products (software) are covered by our limited 30-day refund policy. Please read the entire Policy to get to know about your rights and to submit your refund request.

General Terms

We issue refunds for digital products (software) within 30 days of the original purchase if the product fails to perform as advertised. Please contact us for assistance if you experience any issues downloading or using our products.

Detailed Information

East Imperial Soft offers all of its digital products as downloadable demo versions free of charge. The purpose of these demo versions is offering users the ability to test-drive our products before making a decision to purchase.

Even though we are offering free demo versions, we are offering a limited 30-day refund guarantee. Under this limited policy, we will refund your purchase if you submit your claim with a valid Reason for Refund within the first 30 days since you made your purchase. Refund requests submitted after the 30-day return window will not be considered.

Reasons for Refund

We will only refund products that fail to perform as advertised. Cases of buyers remorse and products ordered to perform a one-off job will not be refunded.


East Imperial Soft recommends all customers to read about our products before making a purchase. If you accidentally ordered a product that does not solve your particular issue, yet we have a different product in our range that fits your situation, we may offer you an option to exchange the product you have purchased for a different one. We will not make partial refunds if the product you are getting in exchange of your purchase costs less than the product you have originally purchased. We will not charge for the price difference if the new product you are getting in exchange of your purchase is $20 or less more expensive than your original purchase. We will only exchange your product once. All exchanges are only considered within the first 30 days since the date of your original purchase.

Submitting Your Refund Request

If you have any questions about our Returns and Refunds Policy, or if you want to make a claim under this Policy, please contact us by email: [email protected]

When submitting your request, please specify your date of purchase, Order Number and product name. Please specify your Reason for Refund. We will contact you to offer technical assistance. If our technical support specialist is unable to resolve your issue, East Imperial Soft will issue the full refund including all packaging and delivery costs within the next 72 hours.

Refund Amount

We will issue the full refund of the amount you paid for your product including all delivery and packaging costs if you ordered a physical media. Your funds will be returned to the original payment method you used to place your order.

Liability to Destroy Your License

In a case you receive a refund from East Imperial Soft, you are liable to destroy your original license and remove (uninstall) the Product from your computer. If you have purchased physical media such as a CD or DVD, we will not ask you to send it back. However, you must destroy the received media after receiving the refund.

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