Magic Word Recovery Software

Magic Word Recovery

Recover Microsoft Word documents and OpenOffice ODT files with ease. Magic Word Recovery features the same advanced data recovery engine as Magic’s top-of-the-line tools, which enables surefooted recovery from troublesome storage media and ensures you’re getting great value for your money.

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Magic Word Recovery Tool:<br>Instead of a Thousand Words Magic Word Recovery Tool:<br>Instead of a Thousand Words

Magic Word Recovery Tool:
Instead of a Thousand Words

Recover Microsoft Word Documents

Recover Microsoft Word documents that go missing! Magic Word Recovery can undelete or recover documents saved in one of the formats supported by Microsoft Word including DOC, DOCX, and RTF. You can also repair ODT files by OpenOffice and several other types. Sharing its disk scan engine with Magic’s top-of-the-line data recovery tool, our MS Word recovery tool delivers a perfect combination of reliability, ease of use, and value for money.

Features and Benefits of the Word Data Recovery Tool

Magic Word Recovery can undelete Word documents and recover document files from formatted, corrupted, and inaccessible disks.

Recovers Office Word Documents

  • Undeletes documents removed from the Recycle Bin;
  • Recovers document files deleted with Shift + Del;
  • Restores Microsoft Word documents from corrupted, formatted and inaccessible devices;
  • Recovers from a variety of storage media including hard disks, SSD drives, USB flash drives and memory cards;
  • Supports documents in Word 6-2019 formats as well as all versions of OpenOffice;
  • Repairs corrupted ODT files and Word documents;
  • Recoverable documents are displayed in a thumbnail gallery;
  • Full-size previews in a single click;
  • Automatic consistency checks. Each document appearing in the list of recoverable files is thoroughly validated before being added.

Comprehensive Word Data Recovery Engine

  • Low-level data recovery engine shared with Magic’s top of the line tool;
  • Reliable recovery under the most difficult circumstances;
  • Near-instant recovery in Quick Scan mode;
  • Recovers documents from FAT and NTFS file systems;
  • Comprehensive analysis reliably recovers information from corrupted, repartitioned, and formatted disks.
Three Easy Steps to Recover Word Documents

Four Easy Steps to Recover Word Documents

Magic Word Recovery makes recovering deleted Word documents easy. Just follow the prompts of the built-in recovery wizard, selecting the disk and specifying the recovery method (Quick or Comprehensive), and the Magic Word document recovery tool will do the rest. After the scan is finished (which only takes seconds if you choose the Quick option), the tool will list all recoverable documents as a thumbnail gallery. Click on any document to see a full-size preview. Sounds simple? It’s even easier than that! Try the free version to experience the best-in-class performance of Magic Word Recovery.

  • #1 Select Open the Word recovery software and choose a disk with missing files.
  • #2 Analyze Select either fast scan or conduct a full analysis to uncover more data.
  • #3 Preview You will discover a large number of files and filter them out by size, type or date.
  • #4 Recover Save recovered files to a hard disk, removable USB drive or any other media.
Open the Word recovery software and choose a disk with missing files Select either fast scan or conduct a full analysis to uncover more data You will discover a large number of files and filter them out by size, type or date Save recovered files to a hard disk, removable USB drive or any other media
Documents Stored on Corrupted and Inaccessible Media

Documents Stored on Corrupted and Inaccessible Media

Magic Word Recovery shares its data recovery engine with our top-of-the-line product. This means that the tool can handle the most difficult cases without breaking a sweat. Formatted disks? Check. Repartitioned hard drives? You’ve got them. “Windows cannot access the disk” errors? Easy. Magic Word file recovery software employs a highly sophisticated, low-level disk scanning engine allowing the tool to reliably detect every file saved by all supported versions of Microsoft Word.

Content-Aware Recovery

Content-Aware Recovery

Content-aware recovery is one of the signature features of Magic Word Recovery. This algorithm engages automatically when you choose the Comprehensive recovery mode. It reads the entire content of the device to ensure that no single document escapes its attention. The algorithm operates by matching the content of raw disk sectors against characteristic signatures found in Word documents. Once a signature is detected, the Word repair tool calculates the exact physical location of the file, performs an integrity check on its content and, if the file is actually recoverable, adds it to recovery.

Word Recovery from Damaged Media

Documents stored on corrupted, formatted and inaccessible media can’t be recovered with the Quick switch on. But that’s exactly what the Comprehensive mode is for! The Comprehensive Analysis mode performs a comprehensive low-level scan of the disk, ensuring that every recoverable file is discovered, validated and restored – even if no trace of the file system is left.

Word Recovery from Damaged Media

Word Recovery from Damaged Media

If you choose the Quick Scan mode, Magic Word document recovery software works blazing fast. The deleted documents literally snap into view, added to a thumbnail gallery in a matter of seconds. The Quick mode allows recovering one or more documents deleted just recently.

Supported Formats

Magic Word data recovery program can revive documents in a wide range of formats including DOC, DOCX, RTF, ODT recovery, and other formats produced by OpenOffice and Microsoft Word versions 6 through 2019. The program provides damaged, lost, and corrupted Word file recovery and brings your important data back.

Supported Formats

File System Support

The Microsoft Word recovery tool can restore documents from disks formatted with all revisions of FAT and NTFS. This allows Magic Word Recovery to successfully operate on all desktop, laptop and removable hard disks and other types of media.

Supported Storage Types

Supported Storage Types

Magic Word Recovery supports all types of storage media including desktop, laptop, and removable hard drives, external storage units, USB pen drives, and all types of memory cards.

Free Download

The free version of Magic Word Recovery will perform the complete scan of the system, locate, and validate recoverable documents and display full-size previews.

Tech Specification

Supported File Systems


  • NTFS
  • ReFS
  • FAT
  • FAT32
  • exFAT


  • APFS
  • HFS+


  • Ext2/3/4
  • XFS
  • Btrfs
  • ReiserFS
  • ZFS


  • UFS 1
  • UFS 2

Supported File Types

  • DOCX – Microsoft Word Document
  • DOC – Microsoft Word 97-2003
  • DOT – Document Template
  • ODT – OpenDocument Text
  • PDB – Document File
  • RTF – Rich Text Format File
  • TXT – Text Document
  • WPD – WordPerfect Document
  • WRI – Windows Write Document

Intel-compatible platform

  • Windows 11 / 10 / 8 / 7
  • Windows Server 2019 / 2016 / 2012 / 2008
  • Windows Vista / XP / 2003 / 2000 / NT

Hardware Requirements

  • X86 or X64 CPU architecture with minimum main frequency 550MHz
  • 1 GB of RAM
  • Administrative privileges are required

Features Overview

Restores files from deleted and formatted drives

The Word file recovery tool supports the recovery from deleted partitions, formatted volumes and repartitioned hard drives. The tool scans the entire surface of the hard disk or reads the full content of a solid-state drive in order to reliably detect, locate and read the content of a deleted partition. If the disk has been formatted, the tool can read raw sectors from the disk in an attempt to detect the beginning of multiple known file types. During this process, the tool will not need the file system to be present, and will successfully restore the files even if the file system is emptied by the format operation.

Deleted partitions can be similarly detected by reading blocks of raw data from the disk surface, matching and analyzing raw data structures in an attempt to detect the beginning and size of deleted partitions. Once all partitions are successfully detected, the tool can perform further analysis by accessing their file systems and reading files off deleted partitions. More often than not, deleted partitions are much less of a problem than formatted hard drives or deleted files.

Fully guided wizard

Magic Word Recovery combines a high-tech recovery engine with an easy, user-friendly interface. A fully guided wizard will take you through the entire recovery process step by step. The wizard makes the recovery easily possible to anyone. The wizard allows specifying which disk contains the documents to recover, and whether to use Quick or Comprehensive analysis. Additional options are available, but can be left to their default values if desired. Two recovery methods are available: Quick Scan and Comprehensive Analysis. In Quick Scan mode Magic recovery software for Word documents works blazing fast, displaying a list of recoverable documents in a matter of seconds. The Quick mode is great if you want to recover some recently deleted documents.

If you have a formatted partition, corrupted or inaccessible hard drive or memory card, the Quick mode may not return meaningful results. If this is the case, use Comprehensive Analysis instead. The Comprehensive mode takes much longer than the Quick one, but can reliably recover documents stored on badly damaged media.

Recovers documents removed from the Recycle Bin or deleted with Shift + Del

Magic Word Recovery can easily recover documents removed from the Recycle Bin, deleted directly with Shift + Del or erased in third-party applications. What makes this possible is the fact that Windows, when deleting a file, does not actually wipe its contents. Instead, the file’s record in the file system gets marked as “deleted”. As a result, any disk space previously occupied by the deleted file becomes available for the operating system and other programs. Recovering a file is possible if one can determine which exact blocks on the hard disk were occupied by the deleted file. The Magic Word Recovery program collects this information from the file system. In Comprehensive Analysis mode, it scans the entire disk surface in order to determine the exact physical location of a deleted file.

There are certain precautions to follow. As disk space containing deleted files is available, installing, writing or saving anything onto that same disk may result in permanent loss of that content. This is why you must install Magic Word Recovery onto a separate disk or external device to conduct an efficient deleted Word file recovery process.

Thumbnail gallery and pre-recovery preview

After completing the scanning process, Magic recovery for Word files displays recoverable documents as a thumbnail gallery. Thumbnail-sized previews make navigating through documents available for recovery much easier, while making searching and recovering a particular file a matter of just a few clicks. If you’d like to see a full-size preview of a particular document, you can open the built-in viewer by simply clicking on any document from the list.

The built-in preview has no external dependencies, and requires no Microsoft Office, OpenOffice or Adobe PDF Reader to operate. The preview is fully visual, displaying the complete document or spreadsheet complete with all formatting, fonts, colors, backgrounds and embedded pictures and objects. The preview is available in both full and free versions of the product. Files in formats produced by Microsoft Word, Excel, OpenOffice as well as Adobe PDF can be previewed.

Working with drive images

To make the recovery from corrupted media even safer, Magic Word Recovery provides the ability to make a virtual snapshot of the disk being recovered. The snapshot is a complete, bit-precise image of the entire drive saved into a single file on another (healthy) drive.

By creating a virtual drive image, The Microsoft Word recovery tool reduces the number of disk access operations to an absolute minimum by reading the entire content of the disk in a single continuous read as opposed to multiple small, random access operations. All subsequent operations such as scanning, previewing and recovering files are then performed with that virtual image instead of the original drive.

This greatly increases the chance of successful recovery for badly damaged and heavily worn disks, keeping the number of disk access operations as low as possible. In addition, the snapshot can serve as a bit-precise backup of the entire disk or partition.

Magic Word Recovery
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Purchase Magic Word Recovery Software to revive any DOC, DOCX, RTF, and ODT files. There is no need to lose your valuable data or start over writing the latest school report. The Office Word recovery tool will save you time and effort and detect and restore all the deleted, damaged, and corrupted files.

What Others Are Saying

Magic Word Recovery delivered unbeatable performance, saving several days of work after my secretary cleared her Recycle Bin.
The tool was able to restore all the documents in a matter of minutes.

Michael Ferard

While on the go, I normally carry a USB pen drive with me instead of a laptop. This time it had a few Word documents I worked with. The drive got corrupted somewhere on the way. I had to use Magic Word Recovery to recover my documents.

David Harris

I think every office should be equipped with a tool like Magic Word Recovery. It helped us in so many cases it’s become indispensable.
It gets used at least once a month to recover documents from various PCs.

Michelle Karch

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