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June 28, 2017

Magic Partition Recovery FAQ. How to recover deleted files yourself  

Magic Partition Recovery is one of the best developments of the company East Imperial Soft, designed to restore data in a Windows environment. We are rightfully proud of the wide range of possibilities that this program provides. The support department receives a lot of questions every day about this product. And this is not surprising. Since Magic Partition Recovery has become an absolute favorite among our users. In this article we want to answer the most frequent and basic questions.

Q: Can I restore my files myself?

Certainly. The simple interface makes it easy for the user to do the task. Thanks to the convenient recovery wizard, the use of the program do not cause any issues in the process. Our clients easily and quickly restore their deleted files themselves.

Q: How do I know if the program found exactly the files I was looking for?

You can see the file names, size, type and click on the found files to view them. After you choose what you want to save. To do this, you need to activate the program. Registration data immediately come to your e-mail after the purchase from the official website of the developer

Q: What types of files can I restore using Magic Partition Recovery?

Magic Partition Recovery recovers absolutely any types of files. Remote data can be recovered from different types of media, including hard disk, USB drives and digital camera memory cards.

There are the following data recovery methods:

1. Each file on the computer, even deleted, is identified by a record in a table called the Master File Table or MFT. The MFT entry tells the computer the name of the file, as well as the disk space on which the file is stored. Magic Partition Recovery reads these MFT records to find and recover deleted or lost files.

2. In some cases, MFT records may become damaged or destroyed. In this situation, Windows does not have help information to search for deleted or lost files. One of the main features of Magic Partition Recovery is the ability to build FAT and NTFS file systems, which could be badly damaged, overwritten or simply absent on the disk.

In order to recreate the original file system, Magic Partition Recovery performs analysis of the entire surface of the disk, finds each remote partition and creates a file table for it. If the file system is not on the disk, the program will create a new one, based on what files were detected on your media.

Q: What are the risks when searching for and downloading software from the Internet?

1. When you download programs from the Internet to your computer, you need to make sure that the file comes from a reliable source, no matter what functions the software performs. That is, you must follow the basic security policy for your computer. This will protect you from things like viruses. Downloading programs from the Internet you are constantly exposed to risks. Our software is absolutely safe for your computer.

2. If you are looking for data recovery software, you need to make sure that the software you are using does not change the contents of the disc you are viewing.

3. There are also situations in which deleted data can not be recovered. Since each case of file loss is unique. Therefore, you need to make sure that the software will restore your data even before you pay the money. Magic Partition Recovery provides an opportunity to make sure that the tool will restore the data specifically in your case. You can try the program for free before buying.

Q: Can I use Magic Partition Recovery in the future? If suddenly I need to recover deleted data again?

Yes, after purchasing the Magic Partition Recovery registration key, you can use it again and again. License for programs from the company East Imperial Soft is not limited by the time of use.

Q: If I do not understand where to download and how to install the program? I do not know which program I need?

If you need help with using our products or do not know how to recover deleted data correctly, just contact us and we will respond immediately. Our specialists are available around the clock. You can contact us by filling out the online form by sending an email or simply by calling.

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