Magic Uneraser: The One-Two-Three of Data Recovery

Magic Uneraser is a new-generation data recovery tool offering sophisticated file carving algorithms at an affordable price. With Magic Uneraser, users can quickly recover deleted files or carve the disk for documents, archives, pictures, music and videos.

Data recovery software:
How it works

Undeleting files is no magic. When Windows deletes a file or folder, it does not wipe its content or fill its disk space with zeroes (with the exception of TRIM-enabled SSD drives, which are a different story). Instead, the operating system labels the file’s record in the file system as “deleted”. The process varies between the different file systems, but you can think of deleted files as of files that were tagged with the “deleted” tag.

The first undelete tool used to search the file system for records with this tag, reversing the procedure in order to recover a file. Most current file recovery tools are still using a variation of this method. However, some of the best deleted file recovery products invent additional ways to locate deleted files.

Simply analyzing the file system is not enough if a disk is corrupted or formatted, or if the partition has been deleted. In addition, Windows can re-use file system records, making the original file record unavailable for recovery. Note that the actual content of the file may still be available on the disk.

To solve this problem, East Imperial Soft developed a specialized file carving algorithm, making deleted file recovery much less of a hit-or-miss. The innovative carving algorithms used in Magic Uneraser are based on content-aware analysis of the entire disk surface. The tool reads raw data from the disk, matching information against a database of recognizable file formats. If a matching entry is found, file recovery software analyzes the file header, determining the exact beginning and length of the file based on information contained in the file itself. This method allows surefooted recovery from disks with damaged or missing file systems.

Magic Uneraser
Magic Uneraser
Supporting all versions of Windows, Magic Uneraser allows you to recover information from all types of storage media.


Even the most comprehensive file recovery software is worth nothing if you can’t use it. Indeed, highly complicated command-line tools were only used in data recovery labs by hardcore professionals. Today, you can achieve the same results as these professionals without leaving a chair. Featuring a fully guided, wizard-based interface, Magic Uneraser is perfectly easy to use. The available Explorer view allows browsing through deleted files and folders in a breathe.

Pre-Recovery Preview

Magic Uneraser was among the first file recovery tools on the market to offer full-size preview for deleted files being recovered. Now you can simply click on a file to view its content in fully visual mode. The preview is completely safe, and offers a convenient way to make sure which files should be recovered.

Free Download

You can try the evaluation version of Magic Uneraser free of charge. Download Magic Uneraser from our download page.

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