Lost Data in a Memory Card

Losing information stored on memory cards is extremely common. Read about a recent case where we helped a customer recover a 32-GB memory card after a failed Ubuntu installation attempt.

Deleted data in a memory card

Losing information stored on memory cards is extremely common. Manufacturers of flash memory cards often bundle one or another data recovery tool with their cards, and this is for a reason.

In a recent case, we had a customer who wiped a memory card by accidentally selecting its drive letter while experimenting with Ubuntu. During the installation, the card was inserted into the card reader, and was pre-selected by Ubuntu as a default installation location. The customer opted to install Ubuntu alongside with current OS, attempting to create a dual-boot config. Normally, this option is the least destructive. It results in an adjustment of partitioning information, allocating some space for the new OS while shrinking the existing partition.

In our case, the customer opted to reserve 4 of the 32 gigabytes available for the new system. Ubuntu shrunk the original partition and created a new one. The install appeared successful. Only by the time the user rebooted his PC did he realize his mistake. The system did not feel like booting from the memory card. When he booted bank into Windows, he found out that he can’t read the memory card, as it was partitioned by Ubuntu for dual-boot config which was not recognized by Windows as supported configuration for that memory card. Bummer.

Apparently, the original data (photos from the digital camera) were still there, sitting safely in a valid, healthy partition – only they weren’t available to read! So he called us and asked if we could tell what has happened, and whether there was a chance to restore the lost images.

Magic Photo Recovery
Magic Photo Recovery
Makes digital photo recovery easy. The step-by-step file recovery wizard allows unerasing deleted photos completely automatically.

‘Sure’, we said. We’ve seen quite a lot of similar setups by the time he called. Apparently, the customer was looking for a cost-effective, one-time solution to recover some 20 GB worth of images. So we recommended Magic Photo Recovery, an affordable tool for home users to help them recover digital pictures after a lot of different accidents.

We stayed on the phone while the customer installed the software and scanned the memory card. Pointed to the memory card (a physical device, as drive letter was not available because of the unrecognized partitioning scheme), Magic Photo Recovery immediately located the partition containing the digital images. Two minutes later, the customer clicked through image previews to make sure all of his photos were fully available. Five minutes later he finished saving them onto his hard drive, thanked us passionately and hung up.

Moral of the story? Don’t wait, just call! We’re open around the clock. Call 1-888-225-2040 to get a word of advice when you need help with your data!

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