Magic Uneraser


Built-in HEX-editor helps you view files, partitions and physical drives contents. Select a corresponding element and click “HEX-Editor” in “File” menu.

The software includes a HEX-editor to view file contents as well as data stored on logical partitions or physical drives

Properties panel is displayed in the left part of the editor, main contents are in the center while a supplementary panel is located in the right part of the editor and helps you navigate between sectors of a selected carrier.

Main contents screen is split into three parts including address, contents in HEX-view and contents in text view. You can always change encoding view in the upper left part of the screen.

Features of a supplementary (right) panel depend on a selected object. When a hard drive is selected the panel displays logical partitions. When a partition is selected the panel displays its spaces including bootable space, file table, data space and so on. When a file is selected the panel displays sectors that the file occupies.

Search feature helps you find a particular text or a particular HEX-value.

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